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Thursday, 27 June 2019

'CHURCH WEDDING is an unbiblical RITUAL' - Reno Omokri Claims

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Christian teaching TV show host Reno Omokri took his 'marriage' sermon on social media today to another level. 

Earlier he explained that God didn't empower any priest or pastor to join a couple in holy matrimony. 

Then later said 'church weddings and for better for worse are unbiblical rituals'.

According to him, 'a lot of people are deceived by carefully crafted words. When a church uses the term 'marriage rites', they are talking about rituals that are no better than voodoo rituals.

CHURCH WEDDING is an unbiblical RITUAL. One of the worst thing in that EUROPEAN CULTURE passed off as BIBLICAL DOCTRINE is the use of the phrase 'for BETTER for WORSE, in SICKNESS and in HEALTH'.
Do you know that is a CURSE? You are accepting an evil prophecy. God's testimony about you and your marriage is that;
"GOODNESS and MERCY shall follow you ALL (not SOME) the days of your life"-Psalm 23:6. You CONFESS your FAITH, not your FEARS


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