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Saturday, 4 May 2019

'I Really Need Help'... 'Anger Issues Made Me Kill Our Family Dog'-- Jenelle Evans's Husband Cries Out

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The former reality star, David Eason, who is Jenelle Evans's husband claimed that he has dangerous anger issues that led him brutally shot his dog, but he's ready to get help keeping his temper in check.

Sources close to David Eason said he is on the hunt for a program or therapist to administer anger management. We're told he knows his temper has become a massive strain on his marriage.
It's not just about impressing Jenelle, though. On the heels of killing their French bulldog, Nugget we're told Eason truly understands his anger could be a danger to his loved ones.
TMZ broke the story that Eason is under investigation for animal cruelty after pummeling and then shooting Nugget ( his dog) all after the dog barely nipped at their 2-year-old daughter. 
While the investigation is ongoing, a law enforcement source said Eason could catch a break if he can prove he feared the dog could become aggressive again. There's a section under animal cruelty laws in North Carolina that states a pet owner can kill an animal lawfully for "the purposes of protecting the public, other animals, property or the public health."
As for Eason's temper, it was on full display Friday in a Wilmington, NC courthouse when he threatened a reporter attempting to ask him about the dog case. 
He was in court to pay back child support to an ex-girlfriend. Sources disclosed that he had to pawn some personal items last minute to come up with the $5,187.
Jenelle hasn't said much since announcing Nugget's death but has said ending her marriage to Eason is definitely a possibility. 


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