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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

OAP Dotun Explained why He Was Once Sacked

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On-air personality Dotun has revealed that he was once suspended twice and sacked for trying to be different and changing the existing narrative.

According to Dotun in his statement, the best thing a person should do is stand for what he believes, because he will end up getting celebrated by those who never believed in him.

He shared on his Instagram page:

Suspended twice… sacked once…. just cos I spoke up & refused to join them. Sometimes it takes courage to change an existing narrative or break a norm or common practice that everyone believes work when it doesn’t .. it is even harder to be the one man who sticks his neck out.. hmmmm!
Quite dangerous but it doesn’t matter how or when change comes but always be the voice when it matters even if you have to lose something to get it. The same people will celebrate you one day. Always follow your instincts


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