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Sunday, 14 April 2019

My Wife Lures Our Daughter Into Prostitution –Husband Laments

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Mr. Aijokwu Christopher who is a businessman has begged an Alagbado Customary Court, Meiran, Lagos State, to end his 26-year-old marriage to his wife, Oluwakemi, alleging that she is stubborn, destructive and encourages their only daughter into prostitution.

The 56-year old Christopher, who is from Imo State, told the court that his wife who hails from Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State, always going against his orders. The couple which got married about 26 years ago and God has blessed the union with four children.
Giving his evidence, Christopher said, “I did traditional marriage with her but no dowry was paid based on the agreement between me and her family members to make up for my sending her to school.”
‘I had a child outside wedlock before we got married, which I informed her about, but after we got married, she disallowed the boy from mixing with his siblings. To make matters worse, she is always turning my children against me.”
“My wife, Oluwakemi is adulterous; and to worsen it all, she lured our only daughter into prostitution. She flouts my orders at every opportunity, I don’t love her anymore,” Christopher said.
Oluwakemi was however against the divorce, claiming that she still loves her husband and doesn’t want the marriage dissolved. She said, “My husband is a liar; he is a womanizer; in fact, I’ve caught him on our matrimonial bed with another woman and when I reported the matter to his elder sister, she asked me to forgive him and forget about the matter, which I did.”
“He favors his first son whom he had before we got married at the expense of our children. Moreover, his family members hate me. I’m not destructive and I did not encourage our daughter into prostitution,” she said.
“The day he accused me of cheating on him was the day a colleague of mine visited me in our house in the company of his wife-to-be during my teaching days. The man in question is not my boyfriend.”
One of the couple’s children was also present as the witness; he said “Our daddy is fond of nagging us and always in favor of our elder brother to our own detriment. He doesn’t give us upkeep allowance and has locked us outside for two weeks. He has since stopped performing his responsibility as a father,” said Jones.
In his judgment, the court president, Chief Odunlami Olatunji dissolved the marriage on the ground of incompatibility and the fact that both are always quarrelsome and fighting.


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