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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

How to Make Fruit Juice for Consumption and Sales

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Today, we are still going to see another lucrative business, good also for the family natural wellbeing, detoxify your system and make you look young, beautiful and add glow to your skin

Mothers always prepare this, keep in the fridge and give to your children than buying all those chemically made yogurt in the market which give fungai to children. Good for everyone and for people of all ages
All the different fruits and some root vegetable and seeds can be use to make different kinds of fruits juice, dont just concentrate only on a single fruit juice.
We have two kinds of fruit juice, single and mix fruit juice
- Buy different kinds of fruits, especially the once people will like to buy like pineapple, watermelon, carrot, pawpaw, cucumber, apple, guava, and orange
- Wash thoroughly, peel the skin and remove the seeds of some of the fruits like pineapples, orange and pawpaw though the skin and seeds has alot of nutrients and medicinal but since its for sale, peel off the skin and remove the seeds
- Cut separately into small cubes that can blend easily, dont mix the fruits.
- Take one kind of fruit at a time and blend adding just small water for it to blend easily, then another until all is blended
- Use a clean sieve and separate the juice from the chaffs
- Add any nice flavour of your choice
- Put inside small tangui bottles and place inside a fridge to chill
- Remove after 30mins and keep inside a cooler ready for market
- One small tangui bottle is 500frs, advertise around your neighborhood, take to offices and workshops that is where you will have the highest sale, you will see those working class ladies giving you command for 5litters for their family use since they dont have time to prepare it themselves.
You can also make mix fruits juice, take like three different kinds of fruits and blend together, follow thesame procedure and you will get thesame result though with a special taste because of the mixture. Mix fruit juice also has a high demand in the market.



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