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Saturday, 16 March 2019

'This is how You'll End up' Mortuary Attendant Pleads With 'Blacks' to Stop Glorifying the Violent Lifestyle

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This post might be old because it dates back to two years ago, but it still proves relevant as the violent lifestyle the writer of this article is pleading that we stop is still persistent.

See his post below:

I have never seen so much reality until I came into the funeral industry. Let me tell yaw about playing with guns and glorifying that lifestyle. 
This is how you will end up: Cold, on a table, body cut up and open, head cut open, waiting for someone to get to you. Sewing up bullet holes, trying to patch them up with cotton and wax, placing your body a certain way to reduce post mortem edema, hoping that our skills can get you looking close to life like as possible. 
Meanwhile your family is left having to plan a funeral. It is not a game. 
Maybe this can make someone have some sort of respect for life?
I'm tired of seeing beautiful black and brown bodies riddled with bullet holes on my prep table, all in the name of nonsense. 
People watch and listen to this trash music, that is a fantasy, and gain the ideal that this is the type of lifestyle that they want to have. 
It's time to open up our eyes, minds, and hearts and realize that there is so much more to life. 
It's a sad system that is constantly plaguing our communities. I'm tired of seeing RIP and having to hold babies because the mother of the deceased can't handle the sad truth. One in the ground and one in a box like an animal for the rest of his life. 
I'm tired. It has to stop. I'm praying for Cincinnati and the loved ones of the loss. But it's not just a Cincinnati problem it's a black America problem, when will we do better? 
What is a black life really worth? Some expensive clothes, tennis shoes, outfit all made by a person who doesn't give two cares about your black body? 
Or a nice car and a couple dollars and some cheap jewelry, when are we going to rise above this fantasy? 
Because this here honey is reality, and it's no coming back when I catch you here.
(Permission was attained by the family to post these unidentifiable pictures.)
Courtesy of MissJay heard


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