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Monday, 25 March 2019

Nigerian Man Takes THREE Bottles of Sniper After his Girl Broke up With him

A Nigerian man has allegedly taken his own life after taking not one, but three bottles of sniper after his girlfriend broke up with him.

The young man identified as Chucks Brown Paul is a graduate of Ken Poly.

Chucks Brown Paul committed suicide today because his girlfriend in the picture dumped him for another guy: sadly this guy graduated from the most prestigious ken saro wiwa Polytechnic bori, just last year Department of estate management.

His Girlfriend's sister posted this after confirming his death:

“Charles I’m mad at you for what you’ve done and what you put my sister and our family through, we all loved you for who you were to her and to us.

This isn’t the first time you’ve tried to kill yourself for a girl you love, but why make rejoice take the blame for your suicide this time around?

“You weren’t faithful to her but you claimed to love her, you confessed to sleeping with her close friend and even other girls, you weren’t faithful but she forgave you, even though she decided not to put up with your unfaithfulness anymore.

“You made such a rash decision drinking 3 bottles of sniper just because of the text she sent to you, didn’t even wait to talk to her, when you were rushed to the hospital, she had to send 20k to your people for hospital bills, money she doesn’t even have… before you died you told people that she is to be blamed for your death, now on social media people are cussing her out because of you, your family is threatening her, she’s not safe anymore.

charley, you’ve brought her pain, and no one is even giving her a listening ear… you don’t do that to someone you love… I’ve said enough, let me not say anymore.
“Rest In Peace.


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