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Saturday, 16 March 2019

LEAVING NEVERLAND: X Factor has 'Axed' Michael Jackson's Songs

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Michael Jackson has been axed from future episodes of The X Factor as controversy continues to surround the late star in light of the explosive documentary Leaving Neverland.

Fans around the world have been stunned by allegations made against the music star who died in 2009 aged 50 as he has been accused of a string of sexual assaults through the Channel 4 documentary.
The fallout of the documentary has now spread to The X Factor which has frequently revelled in the music of the singer in the past - but this will no longer be encouraged.
“ITV is taking a bold stand against Michael Jackson in the wake of fresh sexual abuse allegations by axing his hits from the upcoming series,” claims The Sun.
The decision to prevent performers on the upcoming 16th season of the long-running singing competition means the estate of Michael Jackson will not receive royalties as a consequence.
However, the music of MJ has featured prominently in the past - with entire episodes of the show being dedicated to the star in the past.
In 2014 there was a Michael Jackson vs Queen themed week where contestants belted out hits by the controversial star.
Its really saddening to see all that MJ worked for go down the drain this way, but maybe it's for the best.


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