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Thursday, 7 March 2019

LEAVING NEVERLAND: MJ's Cousin says Jordan Chandler's Penis Claims are False, Says MJ was 'Uncircumcised'

Michael Jackson and Jordie Chandler

Michael Jackson's nephew Taj has stepped up to defend the late singer by suggesting bizarre markings on the singer's penis hold the key to his innocence.

The late King Of Pop has been at the centre of a storm of child sex abuse allegations following the release of the controversial Leaving Neverland documentary.
It details of the brutal abuse allegedly suffered by W ade Robson and James Safechuck at the hands of the music icon.
The pair tell their stories in the shocking film, which airs in the UK for the first time on Channel 4 tonight.
Just hours before the documentary is due to hit screens, Jackson's nephew Taj - son of Michael's brother Tito.
During an interview on BBC Radio Five Live this afternoon, Taj insisted that the first boy to accuse Michael of child abuse, Jordan Chandler, could be proved wrong.
Chandler's family launched a civil suit against the star and landed a $24 million out of court settlement over the child abuse claims.
As part of his testimony, the youngster said he saw unusual markings on the superstar's penis from his Vitiligo skin condition.
His description was said to match pictures of Michael's penis that were made as part of the case.
However, Taj alleges that Jordan's testimony was flawed because he said the King of Pop was circumcised when the autopsy after his 2009 death proved he wasn't.
Taj told Five Live: "[Jordan's testimony was] incorrect. Jordy drew a circumcised penis when my uncle was actually uncircumcised. The autopsy proved that."
He went on to add that he thought the Chandler case was motivated by money and he hopes he eventually comes forward to talk about what really happened.
Taj added: "We’re hoping one day he comes to talk to us."


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