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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Kit Harrington Says Says Jon Snow is the Most 'Unfunniest' Character to Have Graced TV

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In case you didn’t realize, Jon Snow is a serious character. More serious than Kit may have anticipated, perhaps. 

The actor, who has played one of the leading roles in the HBO epic, has slowly been dishing his thoughts on pinnacle moments of his character’s time. 

Turns out, while we’re sure he loves Jon with all his heart, he doesn’t think the lad is all that fun to be around – and he’s keen to try something a little lighter perhaps. 

‘I have played possibly the unfunniest character ever to have graced television,’ he told Emmy Magazine this week.

‘I love comedy. But Jon Snow is not a joke person. 

It’s quite nice to now subvert what people see you as, and show that you can be funny.’ He added: ‘In some ways comedy works even better if you’re the overly serious guy in a ridiculous comedy; then it can be even funnier.’



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