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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Kendall Jenner Spends $180 on a Book Called 'Game of Breasts'

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Kendall Jenner has shown us all that she gets up to in her downtime, as she studied up on a book of boobs on Tuesday morning. 

This is no euphemism, Miss Jenner is evidently in the school of thought as she hit the books while taking some time out from her modeling duties. 

Not wanting to go for something more traditional like, oh, we don’t know, math or science (well, technically this is anatomy) the 23-year-old picked up a cheeky tome to breasts. Knowledge is power, as they say. 

Posting to Instagram earlier today, the Calvin Klein model held aloft a book titled Le Jeu des Seins which translates to Game Of Breasts.
Kendall Jenner studies up on book of breasts and you can never have too much education

She took to social media to share the shot of her holding the book in front of her face, her colourful nail polish giving away the game it was Kenny behind the pages. 

On the front cover was a series of different boobs, with the content inside, said to be made up of 480 color photographs of individual breasts one must match up. 

So, yes, this is technically a game – there’s no false advertising involved. 

According to the back cover of the about-to-sell-out book, first published in 1970, the goal of the game is to ‘reunite the 480 twins’ that the have been posted inside. 

Perhaps the craziest thing isn’t Kendall’s light-hearted reading material, it’s the fact the book is for sale on Amazon with the price tag of $185 (£140).


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