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Sunday, 10 March 2019

Gemma Collins Threatened by a Bully After she Revealed she's Returning to DOI

 Gemma told Jonathan Ross that she was returning to the ice for her supporters

Gemma Collins was threatened by a troll who wanted to attack her with a shovel to stop her performing at tonight's Dancing On Ice final.

It comes after the Towie star vowed to return to the finals of the show following her row with "bully" Jason Gardiner who called her a "refrigerator.'"
Her skate pro partner Matt Evers told the Sun Online: "Gemma has been so excited about getting back on the ice and told fans that nothing was going to stop her. Then one person wrote 'at least not a shovel.'
"I wrote back straight away 'I hope this is not serious.' and reported it to Twitter.
"It's very scary to think there is someone out there who would want to physically harm her."
Speaking about plans to stamp out bullying on social media with Gemma, he added: "We hope there's legislation in the future so people know that bullying on social media is not OK.
"Whether it's about fat-shaming, race or sexuality. There needs to be consequences."
The troll hit out at Gemma comes after the Towie star vowed to return to DOI to open the show - despite hitting out at Jason and initially refusing to return to the studios after Jason called her a "refrigerator."


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