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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Floyd Mayweather Mocks Connor McGregor After his Arrest

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Floyd Mayweather is finding new ways to get at Conor McGregor -- this time, he's mocking the UFC star's Miami meltdown by BEGGING paparazzi to shoot him in Beverly Hills. 

Remember, McGregor was arrested this week for taking a fan's phone and smashing it because he didn't want to be shot on the way out of the Fontainebleau hotel Monday morning. 
Enter Mayweather -- wearing a super bright yellow sweatshirt so everyone could see him -- instructing the photogs to "Shoot me, man! Shoot greatness!" 
Floyd knew exactly what he was doing ... and so did everyone in his massive entourage -- just look at the smirks while Mayweather puts on his show in the middle of the most famous part of L.A. 
Meanwhile, Conor is still in Florida where he's facing criminal charges for the cell phone incident
Conor recently tweeted about wanting a rematch with Floyd after getting beat up in their boxing match back in 2017. 
Conor says he realizes what he did wrong in that fight and believes he can make the adjustments to give Floyd his first loss. 


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