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Thursday, 7 March 2019

Dak Prescott's Dog, Icon 'May' be Killed After it Attacked a Neighbor and Left her Badly Injured

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Dak Prescott's pit bull is possibly facing the death penalty after attacking a neighbor in Frisco, Texas last week according to TMZ Sports. 

Prescott's dog, Icon, was quarantined last Monday after it escaped from the Dallas Cowboys QB's home and attacked a woman who was transported to a nearby hospital to be treated for her injuries.
Icon was supposed to be held in quarantine for 10 days -- which means it was scheduled to be released today -- but there's been a change of plans due to the seriousness of the incident.
Law enforcement reveals the case has been referred to the City of Frisco Municipal Court for a hearing to determine if the dog will be, or should be classified as a "dangerous dog."
If found to be dangerous, there are multiple options on how to deal with it -- one of the options is euthanasia. 
One official tells TMZ the goal is to work with all parties for an amicable resolution -- but putting the dog to sleep is a real possibility. Another option could be removing the dog from city limits. 
Unclear when the hearing is set to take place -- but the dog will remain in quarantine until the outcome is decided. 


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