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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Soulja Boy Says he's 100% Ready to Fight Jake Paul in a Boxing Ring Because he's Sure About Winning

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Great news for people who wanna see Jake Paul and Soulja Boy beat the snot outta each other because Soulja Boy says its 100% going to happen!!!

TMZ Sports spoke with Soulja about his back-and-forth with the YouTube megastar and he says he's dead serious about setting up the celeb fight.
"Jake Paul can't beat me in no fight, you know that," Soulja says. "It's really gonna happen though. It's for real."
Of course, both dudes have offered to put $20 MILLION on the fight ... and, although Jake told us he has serious doubts about Soulja being able to cough up all that dough ... the rapper doubles down.
We also asked Drako what he thinks of Jake's skills ... and he's got one message for him.
"Jake Paul, you a bitch."


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