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Thursday, 31 January 2019

There Is No Power In The Name Of Jesus- Nana Tornado

Ghanaian actor, Nana Tornado who attained some fame from featuring in Delay’s “Afia Schwarzenegger” Tv Series during an interview on Tv Africa has stated that Christians go about doing all sorts of sinful things and later go and sit at church like some innocent people.

According to the actor, he can’t, therefore associate with such community of hypocrites so he has decided to ditch the religion in which he was born into.
” I was a christian but now I walk with my common sense” he said.
Being bizarrely frank during the interview, Nana Tornado has also mentioned that he doesn’t believe there’s power in the name of Jesus Christ and that’s why Christians keep being hypocrites for such a long time.
However, the fashion enthused actor who says he does believe there is God who created the world has also expressed that there is power in “antoa” and dared Christians to live by the principles of the traditional god and see if they can keep being hypocrites.
Watch Tornado express his opinion on the Christian religion below;
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