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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Pablo Escobar's Brother, Robert Says he Already Raised $10Million to Impeach Pres. Trump Before GoFundme Flagged his Page

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Just the possibility of President Trump's impeachment was enough for the Escobar family to collect millions upon millions of bucks ... according to Pablo's bro, who's pissed GoFundMe censored his cause.

Sources connected to Pablo Escobar's brother, Roberto, tell TMZ ... his ByeByeTrump GoFundMe campaign had raised upwards of $10 mil while the page was still live ... for just 10 hours.
The crowdfunding site yanked the page to investigate where the money was going. A screenshot of the page prior to it getting shut down shows a balance of $10,786,980. 
Roberto and the rest of Escobar Inc. started the campaign in an effort to impeach the U.S. Prez. They were gunning for $50 million to finance "intelligence research, lobby firms and lawyers" they said would help get Trump impeached in the States.
In response, GoFundMe pulled the page pending more clarification on the funds' use and purpose. TMZ say the Escobars responded to GoFundMe with the info they wanted ... but the page was still down as of Thursday.


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