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Saturday, 26 January 2019

Miley Cyrus' Brother, Trace Rants at People who Reported his Fiance's Picture on Instagram

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Miley Cyrus' older brother is very much pissed at his female followers at the moment after one of them reported the picture he posted of his hand on his girl's neck.

He ranted so badly, claiming they did it just because they had insecurities and are now taking it out on his photo by reporting it as a porn peddler.

Trace launched, saying, "F*** ALL U JEALOUS GIRLS REPORTING MY PIC OF MY BAE!!!"  

"If you're not happy with your look then f*** do something about it!!! Go to the gym, learn to do your makeup properly, find out about fashions that fit your body type."
Trace didn't stop there ... "There's so much that can be done. But don't go hating on my girl because she's hot!! There was nothing wrong with the picture I had posted." 
... "So many of u miserable girls out there f***ing flagged it so it got taken down!! I believe every woman can be beautiful but JEALOUSLY & lack of confidence in yourselves makes u all look.
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