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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Meghan Markle Reacts After Strange Woman Calls her a 'Fat Lady'

Meghan Markle handled being called a "fat lady" to her face with humor and grace on Wednesday.

The pregnant Duchess of Sussex laughed off the comment while visiting London's Mayhew animal rescue center, where she mixed and mingled with the animals as well as the humans.
In a video shared on Twitter by Daily Express London's royal correspondent, Richard Palmer, Markle greeted a few women in the TheraPaws department -- an animal therapy service Mayhew provides to those in need -- and one of them, a senior citizen, commented on their royal guest's belly.
"Lovely lady," she told the wife of Prince Harry. It's hard to make out exactly what the woman is saying, but it sounds like, "May the good Lord only bless you."
Then she looked Markle's baby bump. "And you're a fat lady," she blurted out.
Markle and the rest of the people present laughed at the remark. "I'll take it," the former "Suits" star said before moving on to shake the hands of the TheraPaws volunteers.
ITV News royal editor Chris Ship reported via Twitter on Monday that Markle told one woman in the crowd while visiting the English town of Birkenhead with Prince Harry that she is 6 months pregnant, and told another woman the due date is around April.



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