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Friday, 11 January 2019

LOOSE WOMEN Offended After Gloria Hunniford Made the 'He-She' Transgender Comment

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GLORIA Hunniford has been criticised by Loose Women viewers for comments she made about trans people on today's show.

The television presenter sparked outrage with her comments which included calling for trans patients to be housed on separate wards in hospitals and repeatedly referring to trans women as "men" rather than women.
She said: "If a man still has his willy and all his tackle then as far as I am concerned he-she is a man."
One viewer wrote: "@loosewomen tell Gloria the correct terminology would be 'they'. Not he/she #supporttransrights"
Meanwhile her co-panellist Stacey Solomon was widely praised for her "calm and rational" comments about trans patients as she spoke to Gloria about her views.
She told Gloria: "Just because someone who identifies as a women but hasn't had the operation, which is a really extreme operation... because it's quite extreme and a lot to go through.
 The show was criticised for having a debate on trans people's rights without any input from trans people
"However for all their lives they have felt like a woman or a man and feeling like they are inside the wrong body.
"For me I feel if you wouldn't want to be on a ward with the opposite gender, then these women, who identify as women, feel exactly the same as you.
"They do not want to be on a ward with men because they have always felt they are a woman."
Gloria also claimed primary schools have introduced separate toilets for trans children and said that should be implemented in hospitals.


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