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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Kris Boyson Says Marriage and Kids are 100% on the Cards for him Because he's Old School

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Kris Boyson has revealed that he's definitely going to get married and make babies, owing to the fact that he's very much old school.

And also we do know that Katie Price is on that card.

He has been getting close to Katie's five kids - Harvey, Princess, Junior, Bunny and Jett - since they met last summer.
Just five days ago he posted a sweet snap of him and Harvey cuddling on the sofa.
And yesterday Katie said she was making plans to adopt an orphan from Nigeria following her troubled year.
But it looks like 29-year-old Kris is already thinking about having his own children as he described himself as "old school".
When asked "do you ever want kids and marriage", Kris replied: "Yes, I love kids and I'm old school so marriage is 100 per cent on the cards."
 Kris Boyson revealed his plans for the future with Katie Price during an Instagram Q&A
That could mean that Kris is looking towards his future with Katie and their growing family.
He recently shared a snap of Harvey cuddling up to him on the sofa:
 Kris is close to Katie Price's kids including her disabled son Harvey


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