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Thursday, 3 January 2019

Kenya Strongest Man Dies At 72 Years (photos)

Conrad Njeru Karukenya, AKA Tiger Power, dared any African man to engage him in a strength contest which nobody did.

Since then, he has been referred to as Kenya’s “strongest man” thanks to his extraordinary stunts such as breaking a six-inch nail with his finger.

But Tiger Power is no more. According to his brother Ansemoli Kathuri, the 72-year-old died on Tuesday night while receiving treatment at Consolata Mission Hospital, Kyeni, Embu County.

“He has been battling different ailments since 2015, the reason he had to quit powerlifting. He has had kidney failure, lung and heart complications. However, when we were taking him to the hospital on Monday, he was still a man of strength. He even called his children alerting them that he was going to the hospital,” he told the Nation.

Tiger Power’s popularity rose when he let a Land Rover roll over him unscathed. In different instances, he pulled stunts such as lifting eight huge men without much effort and pulling a car with his teeth.



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