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Friday, 11 January 2019

Jeremy Kyle Embarrassed by Graham Stanier on his Show After he Tried to Fix a Broken Mother-Son Relationship

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JEREMY Kyle viewers were left in hysterics after the chat show host was bluntly shut down by resident therapist Graham Stanier on yesterday's programme.

The rehab advisor told Jeremy his advice was all wrong as he attempted to fix a mother and son's broken relationship.
After advising the pair forget the past and try to move forward, Jeremy was clearly shocked by Graham's response.
"No," Graham told him, leaving the host visibly gobsmacked.
Attempting to redeem himself after the psychotherapist offered his opinion, Jeremy added: "Graham, wasn't that kind of what I was saying?"
Graham then embarrassed the TV presenter once again, responding: "No."
One quipped: "Graham's getting fired after that  ego burn. He's fuming,"
Another wrote: "Go Graham! Standing up to Jeremy and showing who's the expert! ."
A third joked: "Had to rewind to see the Graham burn as I missed it! Poetry in motion that was!  ,"


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