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Sunday, 27 January 2019

Gemma Collins Shares DISTURBING Picture of her Bruises After she Fell During her Dancing on Ice Performance

One aftermath of falling during her 'Dancing on ice' performance last Sunday was that it left her really swollen.

And now Gemma Collins has put her bruises on display for anyone who cares to watch.

She was left with a really swollen knee which she had to place ice on to reduce the swellings.

The TOWIE star needed a strong brandy for the shock after Sunday night’s skating fall. 

Boyfriend James Argent said The GC was in a ‘bad, bad way’ after admitting that he thought the Dancing On Ice mishap could have left her unconscious or knocked her teeth out. 

Filming her ‘worryingly swollen’ knees on Instagram Stories, Arg said: ‘Gemma’s leg is terrible, look. 

Her knees are in a bad, bad way. There’s bruising there. This one isn’t so bad, that one I’m worried about.’


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