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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

CUPP Sympathizes With Families Of Victims Of Lagos APC Rally

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CUPP, the Coalition of United Political Parties, has expressed dismay over the bloody outcome of the APC rally in Lagos, Tuesday, saying the development only showed that the All Progressives Congress, APC Party as a “rampaging murderous outfit.”

The opposition coalition group, in a statement issued by its 1st National Spokesperson, Ikenga Ugochinyere, condemned the outbreak of the violence at the Lagos APC governorship and a presidential campaign rally.

CUPP pointed out that “a majority of the thugs who participated in wreaking the mayhem are persons known to the APC and indeed persons who enjoy the patronage of the ruling party. Clearly and without any iota of doubt, the soon to be voted out APC can aptly be referred to as a rampaging murderous outfit and Nigerians cannot condone them beyond 16th February to show them who holds the power.”
“Unfortunately, the President elected by Nigerians to protect their lives and their properties does not care much. President Buhari had all our service chiefs in the villa at his campaign programme while insurgents killed hundreds of our heroic soldiers in Metele and they were buried without as much as a low-level representation of the government at their burial site,” the statement said.

Lagos APC has not suspended anybody

It read further: "President Buhari and APC do not place any value on human life and that the lives of Nigerians have absolutely no meaning to them. They are ready to sacrifice millions of lives without batting as much as an eyelid just to achieve an undeserved and unpopular ambition."

“The Lagos APC rally was a rally of blood. It was just a tip of the iceberg APC has in stock for Nigerians. Similar situations happened during the APC primaries and their campaigns in Ekiti, the viral photos of APC supporters in Kano State bearing dangerous weapons and threatening innocent Nigerians and violence in Bauchi, Adamawa, Kaduna and many other states are a sad reminder that APC can only lead Nigeria to the next level of bloodshed if they succeed in their plot to foist themselves on Nigerians in the elections."

“It was reported on Tuesday that the official campaign flag-off of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) in Lagos State was marred following several gunshots by miscreants who engaged in free for all . At least two persons have been feared dead, while several others, including a journalist, sustained different degree of injuries and bullet shots.

“CUPP went further to say that the APC administration is ready to waste millions of life to achieve unpopular re-election ambition.

“Ugochinyere who symphatized with the families killed at the APC rally, assured that CUPP will give 500k for medical treatment of two journalists shot at the rally.

“According to him, “The Lagos APC rally fallout is evidence that APC have recruited killers for 2019 Election. Buhari and APC administration places no value on human life. Their ambition for re-election is worth the life of Nigerians going by their actions.

“APC is promoting violence, killing people without any care for human lives and allowing thousands to die as a result of their leadership incompetence. The APC have recruited killers to unleash mayhem on the citizens of our dear nation as shown during the bloody Lagos Rally.”

“He lamented that Buhari APC led administration are more focused on plotting on how to Rig the election instead of working towards solving the security issues currently disturbing the nation.

“With the lingering Boko Haram insurgencies in the North Eastern states, to the herdsmen’s destructions of lives and properties in the Middle-Belt region of Taraba, Plateau, Benue & Kogi states, the rising killings by Bandits in Zamfara , Katsina etc , this depicts a frail security system,promoted by the incompetence of those the citizens entrusted to safeguard them.”

“All we have seen over the years since 2015, is a President who consoles and begs victims of massacre to tolerate and leave in peace with others while pampering the real killers. The Nigerian lives lost in 2018 alone is disheartening, yet the APC administration is more desperate to be served.”

“They will do anything to remain in government, they are inhuman, with no value for human lives and properties, and this was proved in their bloody rally.”

“We appeal to the entire citizens of our nation to stay strong, especially the families of those injured at the APC rally.

We should gear up to vote out this incompetent government, if not the next four years will be an unbearable nightmare for our nation Nigeria


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