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Thursday, 31 January 2019

Ben Fogle Sent out of BBC HQ Because he Demanded for an On-Air Apology From co-Presenter

Ben Fogle was reportedly kicked out of BBC HQ after turning up to demand an on-air apology from a Radio 5 Live presenter, after he claimed he didn't like Staffordshire bull terriors.

The Sun reported that the TV presenter arrived at the London headquarters yesterday in a rage, after Nihal Arthanayake made claims on air that he considered "libellous" and "untrue".
It turns out that Nihal was 200 miles away, however, as he was working in Salford, Greater Manchester.
An insider told the publication: “Nihal told security to get rid of Ben straight away, much to Ben’s fury. It was all rather awkward.”
Ben had earlier threatened legal action against the BBC a day earlier, after Nihal informed his listeners that his wife had once met a man in a park, while walking their dog, who had warned his children not to go near Staffies like hers as they were a dangerous breed.
Adding that the man was a "wrong'un", he then went on to sensationally reveal that the man had been presenter Ben.
But the adventurer – who was host of Britain's Top 100 Dogs on ITV – took the accusation very personally, and hit out at the radio show in a furious post.
“Why did you broadcast an unsubstantiated, untrue story about me without even asking?," he fumed on Twitter .


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