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Sunday, 2 December 2018

Why You Should Remain A Virgin Till Marriage

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Seriously, we humans shouldn't degrade ourselves to the level of lower animals that finds it difficult to control their sexual urges. 

I'm saying this to express my irritation towards those who keep saying it is impossible to live a lifestyle of sexual chastity.

It is actually possible to completely ignore premarital sex, masturbation, pornography viewing and other illicit sexual activities. Don't let anyone deceive you. Even in this corrupt world of ours, NOT ALL YOUNG PERSONS ARE INDULGING IN SEXUAL IMMORALITIES. Many of us are youngsters with healthy sexual hormones and urges, but we still keep ourselves pure and chaste, preserving our bodies until when we will begin exploring the beautiful gift of God called sex in the safe confines of our God-approved marriage.

Let me give you good reasons you should remain a virgin until marriage.

1. It Is God's Will For You To Remain A Virgin Till Marriage: If I was preaching in a church, I will simply kick this off immediately. But since this is an 'outside platform', and there are still few persons that are yet to acknowledge the existence of God, it is necessary to show them good reasons to do so.

There is a Big God up there - an Almighty-Creator Who made everything - seen and unseen, known and unknown. Look at the shirt you put on. Imagine someone coming to tell you that no one made that shirt, but that it just came up 'just like that' out of thin air. It will sound absurd, right? In the same way, it is absurd to think that the sun, moon, stars, oceans, etc, just came up 'just like that', and that there is no one that made them. So, there is a great God Who intelligently made it all.

Now, many of us already know about God, but we, unfortunately, don't know His will for us. The Good News is, you can know all God wants from you in His Word (The Bible). And one of the things God wants for you is that you remain a virgin till marriage.

The first humans God created (Adam and Eve) were virgins till marriage. They had sex together only after God joined them to be husband and wife.

The truth is, God has certain important things He intends achieving with sex, and they can only work appropriately in marriage - between a husband and his wife. So, sex is not a mere physical activity, but something divine.

"Marriage is honourable among all, and the bed undefiled, but fornicators (those who had sex before marriage)... God will judge" Hebrews 13:4.

2. You Won't Be Hit By The Bitter Repercussions Associated With Premarital Sex: There are a lot of dangerous effects attached to having sex outside marriage, and you will only be doing yourself a lot of good by keeping yourself a virgin till marriage.

A virgin has no business being traumatized by sexual transmitted diseases and infections. Premarital sex has killed a lot of people that are with great dreams and goals (via deadly sexual diseases). These diseases are rampant today, and even condoms won't offer 100% safety. Keeping yourself a virgin will help promote a healthy lifestyle, and you can comfortably utilize your potentials to become a great person in life.

Additionally, you see, sex is a very powerful stuff, and it's more than the few minutes of pleasure derived from it. When you have sex with someone, the person drops a part of them in you and vice versa. If the person is not your married spouse, it can cause problems for you later in the future when you eventually get married to someone else - because you are prone to keep comparing the person with your spouse.

More importantly, sex is spiritual. People carry about various spiritual problems. Sex is a gateway to sharing spiritual problems. That is why you can't afford to have sex with someone, not your married spouse.

Keeping yourself a virgin till marriage will promote trust and love in your home. Most importantly, it attracts God's blessings and not otherwise.

What if you have already lost your virginity?

You can always make amends. Ask God for forgiveness. Approach Him through His Son Jesus Christ, and be determined not to go back to sexual sins. God bless you.

By Sunday Akanni Moshood 


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