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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Theives Made Away With Goods Worth Over $10,000 From Miley Cyrus' Unit Storage

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While still dealing with their huge loss after wildfire git California, Miley Cyrus has been robbed of valuable items.

According to TMZ, Law enforcement says someone got into Miley's storage unit in the San Fernando Valley and made off with some valuable guitars. We're told the total value of the missing axes is more than $10,000.
It's unclear how the thieves got into the unit, but the heist nearly went unnoticed. 
Miley initially thought someone in the family had borrowed them. She didn't realize they were actually stolen until today.
TMZ says the storage unit caper most likely went down sometime in October. By the way, the unit was NOT cleared out ... we're told only the guitars were boosted.


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