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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Rumours Have it! Kourtney Kardashian and Liam Payne are Sparking Speculations That They're Dating

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Kourtney Kardash has an history of going for men less her age, and Liam on the other hand, well, you know... older women.

Apparently a perfect match!

And now fans are speculations that the pair might be a thing already, and does that make sense?

Maybe, or maybe not.

Liam is clearly stating that he's very much inter but are the fans having it?

 Of course no, “The next Cheryl,” one fan even wrote.
But one person isn't shipping this potential relationship, in fact she thinks Liam and Kourtney being a thing makes no sense.
“Scott feels a tinge of jealousy over Liam’s flirty comment with Kourtney, but he knows he has no room to say anything to his ex,” a source revealed.
“So he’s going to keep his mouth shut about it. Scott has always thought Kourtney was really attractive but when a big celebrity reminds him of how sexy Kourtney looks, Scott takes notice. While Scott is in love with Sofia, he still has a lot of love for Kourtney, too, so he feels territorial and protective over the mother of his children.”
As for Kourtney, well, she's interested.
“Kourtney thinks Liam is really cute,” another source revealed, “and is totally open to going on a date with him. If he asked her out, she would say yes. Kourtney loves international guys, loves Liam’s music, and thinks he is sexy too.”

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