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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Olu Maintain Claims his Song, YAHOOZE Did not Promote Internet Fraud

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With the rampant cases of ritual killings by 'Yahoo Boys' in order to boost their business, many accusing fingers have been pointed at Nigerian singers for promoting the social ills.

Although his song, 'Wetin we Gain'  received good comments from virtually everyone when he first released it, Victor AD has been criticized by many in recent times over the lyrics of his song.

'If we no get money wetin we gain?' has been misinterpreted by many as they turned to ritual killings and other unacceptable social vices to make money.

Although he is yet to respond to the claims.

Olu Maintain who released his song, 'Yahooze' in the year 2007, on October 27 has now been called out by Nigerians after claims that his song promoted 'Yahoo Yahoo' in the country.

In his words:

“When you create a body of art, people can misinterpret it the way they see fit. I mean, Yahooze is 11 years old and if you watch the video of the song, it was centered around an upcoming artiste that got a million dollar record deal. That was the message I presented with the song. Does the music video in any way represent Internet fraud? The answer is no.
“I cannot be responsible for how people interpret a work of art. It is like a painting, a man would value a painting for millions of dollars but to the other man, it does not make sense. Art should be subjected to everyone’s interpretation. My interpretation of that form of art was made very obvious,” he said.
The veteran singer who further told Saturday Beats why it’s been difficult releasing another hit song that could rival, Yahooze, said;
“It is a different generation and a different era with a different demography. As an artiste; as you grow, your core demography changes.
“Yahooze came out in an era when there was no social media. Today, people’s patience to digest any material is very short; 11 years ago, it was not like that. If you had a hit song, it could last for about two years but these days you are competing with so many bodies of work and it would take something special for you to have the same kind of buzz that a song like Yahooze had.”


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