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Monday, 17 December 2018

Netherlands Will Begin to Ban Raw IVORY Starting in 2019-DETAILS

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Unveiling the results of a major operation to combat trafficking in endangered animals and plants, Netherlands has revealed that starting from 2019, sales of ivories would be banned.

Currently Dutch law permits the sale of raw ivory such as elephant tusks with an EU certificate, provided it entered the country between 1947 and 1990.

“From March 1 2019… the sale of raw ivory from and in The Netherlands will no longer be possible,” Dutch Agriculture and Nature Affairs Minister Carola Schouten said. 

“This measure comes because with raw ivory it’s very hard to tell the old from the new,” Schouten said in a letter to parliament. 

The old rule came into force shortly after international trade in ivory was banned in 1989 by CITES, the global conference that governs wildlife trade.

“But recently acquired ivory is often ‘aged’, for instance by using tea leaves and sold on (Dutch online classified advertising site) Marktplaats,” it added. By banning all sales of raw ivory, “we are undercutting illegal practices,” Schouten said.


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