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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Ndigbo Muslims Contesting For Positions Will Be Supported For Success- Ndigbo Muslims

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The South Eastern Muslims Organisation of Nigeria (SEMON), has said that it will vote for any candidate that will involve the Igbo Muslims in politics.

SEMON in a statement issued at the end of its national summit in Enugu said they will speak in one voice with the agenda of Ndigbo.
Speaking on their alleged marginalization, they described it as a political strategy that is“counterproductive for the development of Igboland and the nation towards the Southeast project of Nigerian Presidency in 2023.”
They said, We reaffirmed our position to participate fully in the 2019 general election and vote for candidates of individual choices, especially those who will carry Igbo Muslims along with appointments into political offices of trust.
“It was agreed that Ndigbo Muslims contesting for positions in the forthcoming elections be massively supported for success. On this, Ndigbo Muslims should continue to strive for excellence in their private life pursuits and support governments of their respective States and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
“For the progress of the Igbo Muslim Ummah, SEMON should continue to advocate for equity and fairness for Igbo Muslims. The organization should cooperate with governmental and non-governmental organizations that mean well for Igboland, for Nigeria and Igbo Muslims.
We want to be known and addressed, henceforth, as Ndigbo Muslims and in full identification and promotion of Igbo culture, including Igbo dress and language.
“In connection to this, they plan the institution of the leadership of Ndigbo Muslims in each of the five states of Southeast and of Igboland. This is to have organized leadership like the Emirs in the North and Obas in the West.
“SEMON plans to institute an Annual Lecture to commemorate the life and achievements of late Sheikh Ibrahim Okpani Nwagui who brought Islam to limelight in Igboland.
“SEMON also encourages intermarriages amongst themselves through the adoption of the Sunnah, the practical life of Prophet Muhammad in all aspects of their lives.”


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