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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

I'm a Celebrity Nick Knowles Furious At Emily Attack Over 'Crab Fright'

Emily Atack is seen getting snapped on tonight’s Bushtucker trial – and that’s not just because of the the crabs she’s having to face. 

After being locked down into boxes, Harry Redknapp and Nick Knowles are seen beginning to lose patience with the chatty actress as she talks rather than progressing with the trial. 

As she squeals at the sight of crabs, she’s told to move them one by one into Nick’s container, for the trial named The Wicked Warehouse.

However, the squeamish star soon begins talking to the crabs, and to Dec and Holly, causing Nick and Harry to tell her to hurry up. 

‘Come on Em, quick as you can,’ Harry told her. Nick added: ‘Think about the conversation we had about finding the strength yourself.’

As she continued to try, Harry was clearly not enjoying his time in the box, and told her directly: ‘Come on Em, you wanted to do this today, you’ve got to do it now. 

Come on.’ Thankfully she finally picks one up and plucks it down into Nick’s container. ‘Nice and gently if you can, thank you,’ he told her, before nicely telling her it was ‘brilliantly done.’



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