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Monday, 17 December 2018

'If I'd Thought About it, I Never Would've Done it' Kanye West Says he Refuses to be Governed by Insanity

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Kanye West who has admitted that he is suffering from mental health issues has now revealed that although he has issues with his mental health, he is not going to be giving in to it.

Kanye West opened up to the world that he is battling bipolar disorder earlier this year and even added it to his album, but in October, Kanye revealed to the whole world and Donald Trump that he was misdiagnosed.

He also said that what he has is just sleep deprivation which could result in dementia in some 10, 20 years from now.

And during his feud with Drake which started last wee, the rapper and father of three has once again admitted that he is battling mental issues.

Adding that the only reason Drake is picking on him is because of his mental issues.

And now he has ruled out clearly that 'insanity' is not going to govern him in his newest post on Twitter.



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