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Friday, 7 December 2018

Floyd Mayweather, Others Turn up to Watch LeBron James Play

Well, that didn't take long ... LeBron James has already turned the Lakers into the biggest spectacle in Hollywood -- 'cause all the stars were out to watch him Wednesday!!

Of course, the regulars like Floyd Mayweather and Denzel Washington were in their usual seats ... but Adam SandlerBenicio Del ToroAndy Garcia and a whole lot more had to get a glimpse last night.
The King didn't disappoint ... dude dropped 42 points in front of the A-list crowd -- and the Lake Show rolled to a 121-113 win over the Spurs.
The bad news for Bron?? The crowd might've cost him a future teammate -- 'cause before the game, Kevin Durant said the environment LBJ brings to teams can be too "toxic."
Does having John David Washington, FleaRay J and even Alex Bregman sitting feet from the bench qualify?? Maybe.
But, doesn't seem Bron cares too much -- the Lakers are just 2 games back from the West's top seed!!!!


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