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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Father Shot Dead at his Son's School While Waiting to Pick him up

While waiting to pick his son up, a father has been shot dead at point-blank range in front of terrified school children .

Jim Donegan was sat his car when he was gunned down in Belfast at 3pm yesterday.
The dad in his 40s was shot as many as five times in what was branded a ‘gangland-style execution’, reports Belfast Live.
Police are searching for a man ‘in his 40s’ and wearing a high vis ‘Security’ vest, believed to be the gunman.
A security source said: “It was an execution in broad daylight.
“A man shot while waiting in his car - that is for all intents and purposes a gangland-style execution. It was up close, personal and point blank.
“You have to ask, was the shooter wearing that vest to blend into his surroundings? It’s been planned and thought through.
“The normal dissident shooting would be a hit-and-run. And would any dissident Republican groups risk an own goal, not just outside a school but also at kicking out time? It’s not their style.
“This feels very Southern, like the Kinahans, and police will be ruling no one out at this stage.”
Speaking last night, PSNI Chief Superintendent Jonathan Roberts said that police believe a lone gunman made off on foot, and didn’t rule out dissident Republicans as responsible.
He added: “It’s very early stages in the police investigation. Specialist detectives have been employed to carry out the investigation and it would be inappropriate for me to comment further.
“The involvement of dissident Republicans is absolutely an option that police will keep open and it is possible that dissident Republicans were responsible for this murder.
“There would have been a large amount of children present at that time. Children, we understand, were extremely close to the incident when it happened.


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