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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Family of 3 Dies in the Snow After Mother Tried to Stop her Daughter From Committing Suicide by Jumping Down The Rooftop, ahd she was Holing her Grandchild-PHOTOS

In a bid to avert tragedy, triple tragedy has befallen a family of three after a mother tried to stop her daughter from jumping to her death while clutching her young grandchild.

35-year-old Anna Protsenko reportedly took her eight-year-old daughter, Vika, to the top of a 12-story apartment block in Glazov, Russia, with her mind resolved on killing herself.
Unfortunately, Elena, her mother has followed her despairing daughter to the rooftop in an attempt to change her mind.
According to local reports, as Elena, 55, reached out and grabbed her granddaughter’s arm, Anna stepped off of the roof's edge - sending all three of them hurtling towards the ground.
Their bodies were found motionless in the snow by residents of the building who immediately contacted the emergency services.
All three of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene.
A suicide note was allegedly found clasped in Anna’s hand, but local authorities are yet to disclose its contents.


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