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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Crazy Rich Asians, Isle of Dogs Others Express Gratitude After Being Nominated for Golden Globes Award

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The 76th Golden Globes will be handed out on January 6, 2019 and everyone who found their names on the list has been really excited.

With movies like Can you Ever Forgive me, Crazy Rich Asians, The Favorite, Isle of Dogs and the likes topping the list, the nominees have poured out their hearts:
”Can I put emojis in a quote? Because Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think our movie would be embraced to this magnitude by the audience and now the HFPA. What an honor to be included on such a beautiful list of diverse human experience stories amongst storytellers I have looked up to my entire life. I could not be more proud of our movie, our cast, our community and our industry. In response to Eleanor Young, we were always good enough.”
Jon M. Chu, director, Crazy Rich Asians
“The Favourite has been in the works for two decades, so I can honestly say the HFPA nomination is a dream come true. It was a privilege, a joy – and a lot of fun - to help once again bring Yorgos Lanthimos’ singular vision to the screen. It’s the story of three brilliantly clever women with equally strong survival instincts – and Olivia, Emma and Rachel could not have been more perfect for their parts.” 
Ceci Dempsey, producer, The Favourite 
“We are delighted with these nominations, which are a brilliant tribute to the team behind THE FAVOURITE including Yorgos, the amazing cast and crew as well and Tony and Deborah. We are also so grateful to the HFPA and our wonderful partners Scarlet, Fox Searchlight, Film4 and Waypoint as well as the team at Element. This recognition is so important to the life of the film and will give it extra momentum as it continues its expansion in the US and beyond.”
Ed Guiney and Andrew Lowe, producer and executive producer of The Favourite 
“I’m so happy for our amazing cast of VICE being acknowledged with multiple nominations. Lord knows they deserve it. And the Best Picture nomination is a nod to our entire crew who went way above and beyond to make this film. Thank you to the HFPA and also to Annapurna, Plan B and Gary Sanchez.”
Adam McKay, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Vice
“We’re grateful for the recognition this morning by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for VICE. Adam McKay continues to break new ground as a filmmaker and the support of the HFPA in recognizing him and the incredible performances by Christian, Amy and Sam is truly an honor.”
Kevin Messick – Gary Sanchez Productions, producer, Vice.


“I found out about these Golden Globe Nominations for BLACKkKLANSMAN in between advising my NYU Grad School students because I teach on Thursdays.  The first word that came to mind was ‘BOOM SHAKALAKA’. Thank you to the HFPA!”
Spike Lee, BlacKkKlansman


“I am so grateful to be nominated for such an untraditional female character. Erin Bell is complicated, raw and dangerous, and it was a privilege to portray her. I share this with Karyn Kusama as well as all of the cast and crew; It was truly a passion project for all of us. A huge thank you to The Hollywood Foreign Press.”
Nicole Kidman, Destroyer
“I am thrilled and amazed to be nominated by the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press. I’m so proud of my non-biological brother - Richard E. Grant - on his nomination.  Forever grateful to Marielle Heller, our brilliant ship’s captain.  I’m humbled to be in the company of the other dreamy nominees.”
Melissa McCarthy, Can You Ever Forgive Me?


“Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for recognizing The Favourite. I’m so proud to be nominated alongside such a brilliant group of actresses, including my incredible co-star Emma. And all hail our nominated Queen Olivia! These honors are a testament to the brilliance of our director Yorgos Lanthimos.”
Rachel Weisz, The Favourite 


“I am utterly stunned and astonished to be nominated by the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Humbled and enormously THRILLED to be sharing this honor with Melissa McCarthy, my true partner in crime!!! Gratitude abounds for our brilliant director Marielle Heller.”
Richard E. Grant, Can You Ever Forgive Me?
“I’d like to thank the HFPA for this extraordinary honor. I’m humbled that all our work has been recognized in such a broad capacity, especially that of my friends Viggo Mortensen and Peter Farrelly. Green Book offered a unique opportunity to embody a man with breadth, virtuosity and complexity. I’m so grateful that our story has resonance in a time that calls for empathy.”
Mahershala Ali, Green Book


“I’m enormously grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this nomination and to be included in the company of such remarkable filmmakers. GIRL was a labor of love for me that was made in close collaboration with my dear friend Nora, whose journey towards becoming a dancer is what inspired the film. By honoring this film, you honor Nora and the spirit of anyone who overcomes adversity to achieve their dreams.”
Lukas Dhont, director, Girl


“How does a writer describe the joy and excitement of being nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for their first screenplay? Impossible!  I am honoured to have played a part in Yorgos Lanthimos’s masterpiece. And of course this could not have happened without Tony McNamara. When I wake up tomorrow my first thought will be that I must have been dreaming!”
Deborah Davis, co-writer of The Favourite 
“I am so grateful to the incredibly brilliant Yorgos Lanthimos. And to Deborah Davis for finding this incredible story. Also shout outs to the amazing Olivia, Emma and Rachel!  It’s the first time I’ve been nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press and it’s a lovely surprise. Thank you.”
Tony McNamara, co-writer of The Favourite 


“What fantastic news!
“So many thanks to the HFPA
“I love dogs
“I love cats
“I love Japan
“I love Wes (Anderson)!”
Alexandre Desplat, Isle Of Dogs


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