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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Cardi B Will Have to Pay Offset $50 Million After They Divorce

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According to multiple reports, Cardi B did not sign a prenup with Offset, and so he stands to win a whooping $50 Milli if the split she announced yesterday leads to a divorce.

NY law made it lucid that any asset that is acquired or developed during a marriage is owned 50-50 by each spouse. 
And we know for a fact that the Bickenhead singer garned all of her fame wealth during her marriage with Offset.
The mother of one does not have $100M now to split with her husband, but her brand (with all her possible endorsement deals, etc) could be worth $100M over time. And unfortunately for Cardi - her entire brand is 50% owned by Offset under NY law.
Offset's brand on the other hand was developed before the marriage, and so his brand is not considered marital property under NY law.
Too bad he gets to keep it all to himself.
Just so you need to know, Offset is entitled to half of the money that the "Cardi B" brand makes . . . FOREVER. That's the way that NY law works.
According to a Forbes magazine estimate, Cardi's brand could be worth as high as $100M over time.


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