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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

34-year-old Sentenced to 8 Years Imprisonment for 'Terribly Shaking' his 3-Month-Old Daughter

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34-year old Jason Bittner has pleaded guilty to endangering children and has been sentenced to 8 years imprisonment.

Although, he even said he knows that he deserved to idea for what he did.
In October, Jason,a West Chester chiropractor attested to physically abusing his own 3-month-old daughter back in February.
Bittner had a chance to speak in court Tuesday afternoon. He first turned to face family members who were sitting in the gallery and said he was sorry for lying.
"I'm sorry you hate me," Bittner said.
Bittner said his business was failing, his family was struggling financially and he snapped when he shook his daughter in the family's Mason home last winter.
"I couldn't handle the constant screams on top of everything else that was raining down on my life. It was three and four hours a day, nonstop, no matter what I did," Bittner said. "I couldn't hang in there, and I just could not hang in there, and I broke down."
Defense attorney Steve Adams said Bittner was abused as a child and predisposed to have a mental breakdown.
"And he did," Adams said. "He snapped. He wasn't himself."
Prosecutors said Bittner lied to his wife about their daughter's injuries and discouraged his wife from getting the child treatment.
"For 48 hours after assaulting his daughter, he watched his child have uncontrollable seizures, continued vomiting and other significant symptoms, but rather than help her, he continued to lie to his wife and actively prevented his daughter from getting treatment because he didn't want to get in trouble. 
That's who Jason Bittner really is," assistant prosecutor Steven Knippen said. "He chose, despite how critical her condition was, to deny her treatment in an effort to protect himself."
The child spent days in ICU at Children's Hospital with a brain injury, breathing tube and 28 rib fractures.
"What I did to (my daughter) is so wrong, horrible, and I think I deserve death for this," Bittner said.
Minutes after speaking those words, Bittner spoke of God and how he will forgive him.
"Years from now, the Lord will redeem this. I know this. My savior Jesus will redeem all of this and everything that was lost will be brought back," Bittner said.
He then asked Judge Tim Tepe to give him a chance.
"It will be such a great day. When the court gives me an opportunity, I'm going to be the kind of dad that adult women dreamed of having when they were little girls," Bittner said. "I ask for my daughters' sake that you don't trash my life completely. Don't snuff me out. Don't put me all the way down. Don't hurt my daughters that way. Give me a chance."
During sentencing, prosecutors read messages they said they found on Bittner's phone.
"I was heartbroken when (my daughter) was born, because I wanted a son so bad," Knippen said as he read the message
"Your sentence will long be over with and (your daughter) will continue to live with whatever disadvantage or disability you had inflicted upon her," Tepe said.
Tepe sentenced Bittner to the maximum of eight years. Bittner was taken into custody immediately.


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