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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Woman Left With Excess Flabby Fat After Losing Weight Shares Adorable Transformation Pictures

AN INSTAGRAM star who lost 22 stone in just two years has endured nine hours of surgery to have seven pounds of excess skin removed from her thighs, bum and stomach.
Lexi Reed - aka @fatgirlfedup - is currently recovering from the surgery which was also followed by a bum lift.
"My name is Lexi and I lost 312lbs on my own with diet and exercise," she wrote on Instagram.
"I was overweight my entire life and never once in my life have I had a flat stomach.
"For so long I accepted the reality I never would and knew I just needed to get healthy to save my life despite what my body looked like.
"Going into losing weight I knew I'd be left with loose skin regardless as it's not something that normally can be avoided, but although I realised the cosmetic aspect of it I didn't realise the physical. [sic]"
"Once I lost my weight my skin weighed me down, threw off my posture, impacted my workouts and gave me neck pain to the point that I couldn't function for my daily activities or doing the things I loved," she continued.

"I dont tell you these things to scare you or make you feel sympathy for me because I'd take even more skin any day but to motivate you to take charge of your life and the future of your own skin as soon as possible.

"Loose skin can cause just as much pain as not taking care of your health can. Don't wait another moment to change your life. Start today! [sic]"
Lexi began her weight loss journey in January 2016 and dropped 312 pounds in less than two years.
The Instagram influencer also had a bum lift last week, explaining on social media that she "was very adamant [not to] lose [her] curves".
"This is my new reality and I know this is a different type of transformation," she wrote.
"However one thing I was very adamant about was I didnt want to lose my curves and especially not my booty gains from the thousands of squats I've done since this started.
"I love my curves and they are one of my favourite things about my body!
"I also was concerned about how often lower body lifts flatten the buttocks and speaking with my doctor we had a conversation about preserving my buttock tissue to keep my shape.
"My surgeon used buttock flaps made from my own tissue and then some fat was also transferred to the lower buttocks to complete the shape. [sic]"


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