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Monday, 5 November 2018

'Will Remember you Forever’ Drake VERY SAD as he Lost a Very Loyal 11-Year-old Fan Who Prays for him Every time he Goes on Tours

Drake mourns

Drake is now mourning the death of his quite loyal fan who is very special to his heart, so much that he has to pour out his heart on IG to get off all the emotions.

He met her through the Make-a-Wish Foundation when he paid her a surprise visit to celebrate her 11th birthday a few months back.
The rapper shared a photo where he sat by Kay’s bedside and narrated how the sick fan would always check up on him during his tour and shared positivity with him and was looking forward to seeing her as soon as his tour concluded.
Mourning her, Drake said:
‘Gonna miss you a whole lot. We met through make a wish and we built a genuine bond you would text me and check on me while I was on tour and tell me positive things and share your dreams and goals’ he wrote.
He added that, ‘I am crying in this pic but it was tears of joy cause we just prayed for you with your father. I am sorry I missed your text on my birthday that’s eating my soul right now but you know how much I loved you and was looking forward to seeing you after tour. I don’t know why I am writing this on IG I just need to get it out cause it’s sitting heavy on my heart. Will remember you forever’.


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