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Monday, 5 November 2018

Stevin Babyking Dating 85-Year-Old White Woman, Blasts Haters (photos)

A Nigerian boy identified as Stevin Babyking has taken to social media to defend his relationship and slam those who are against his affair with an 85-year-old white woman.

He says the white woman loves him and wants him for who he is, also he doesn’t listen to what people say about him because it is a mere noise and distraction. He said:

"Some say he is the black sheep of the family, some say he is bad, some say he is a failure, f**k your condemnations. You don’t pay me, You’re free to criticize if na you holy pass. She loves me and wants me for who I am, even chilling with me in my jungle.

Never listen to what people say about you, it’s a mere noise and distraction, focus and make the best out of bad situations. Hustlers don’t give up, let those allergic to success keep talking and you keep making it, If you think it is easy, stop talking and try it. I AM DON- SOFT-TOUCH."



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