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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Over Half of Morroco University Students Drop Out of School

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The Ministry of Education revealed this week that about 47.2 per cent of undergraduate students from Morocco drop out of university before graduation.

About 860,000 students are currently enrolled at universities in Morocco with 42 per cent of them women. But according to the latest figures, just 454,000 of them will go on to obtain their degree.
Whilst student enrollment has increased over the past five years, Morocco still has a comparatively low rate of students in higher education, with only around one in three 18 to 22-year-olds opting to study further. Schools have also failed to secure more professors to keep up with the rising student numbers, resulting in a lower standard of teaching.
Morocco also experiences a reversal of employment trends compared to the rest of the world, with higher unemployment rates for graduates than the rest of the population. Whilst the country’s general unemployment rate has averaged at ten per cent over the past year, 22 per cent of graduates are jobless – a figure that has doubled over the last five years and is expected to rise to 50 per cent.
Although studies have found that the vast majority of Moroccan students that pursue higher education have an ardent desire to study their chosen subject, many report difficulties in being able to financially afford their degree programme, with fewer prospects to look forward to at the end of their studies.



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