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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Mum Orders Bizarre Cake That Depicts Child Birth for her Baby Shower

AS CELEBRATIONS go you could say this one takes the cake – perhaps for all the wrong reasons.

Cake maker Rebecca Pilkington, 40, has had some odd requests over the years but perhaps the order she recently got for a baby shower tops the lot.
The mum-of-three was asked to a make a cake for a customer’s sister who was pregnant.
But the cake had to show the gory reality of childbirth.
Rebecca, who set up her business Cake O Rama in Wigan seven years ago, told the Manchester Evening News: "They came to me and said they had seen a picture of a baby's head being born and they wanted one for a baby shower.
"They insisted that it had poo and it looked very realistic.
"I have been making cakes for the past seven years, but I've never been asked to make one like that before."
The cake maker started off by baking a standard sponge cake and then took three hours crafting the cake into shape by adding butter cream and strawberry jam before popping a doll’s head on the top and covering it with more jam as well as chocolate bits.
Despite the gruesome appearance the customer was said to be very happy with the result.


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