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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Lady Goes Viral After her Life-Like Drawing of Late Mac Miller Hits the Internet

Ever since Danielle Franks, 20, posted her painting of Mac Miller on Twitter yesterday, the notifications just keep coming.

Her drawing has had over 104,054 Retweets and 404,678 Likes from fans of the rapper who died in September.
"I don't want to miss anything - I've had thousands of messages and tweets," she tells Radio 1 Newsbeat in the early hours of the morning between the beeps of notifications on the line. 
"It's overwhelming."
Danielle, who goes by the name of Moe, is a digital hyperrealistic artist. She replicates photographs and uses Cintiq 13 to draw by hand on her tablet.
Moe's art is so life-like, it's difficult to see that it's not a photograph. But if you zoom in closely, you can every individual brushstroke.
Her Mac Miller drawing is based on a photograph by Todd Cole for The Fader and was commissioned by a friend.


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