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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Katie Price Accused of Faking a Scene With the Police for Popularity

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KATIE Price has been accused of faking her “upsetting” run-in with the police.

Yesterday it was claimed the former glamour model was left “distressed” and “refused to get out of her car” when she was pulled over in Brighton.
However an onlooker told The Sun Online he believed the incident was a “set up” with one of Katie’s pals taking the pictures of her.
Joe, who works and lives in Brighton, explained: “Katie wasn’t distressed at all! And her it was a friend of hers who started taking the pictures of her.
“After she spoke to the police she was laughing and joking with them. She didn’t seem bothered at all.”
Katie, 40, was pulled out by cops when she was driving her car through Zion Gardens in Brighton.
A police spokesperson told The Sun Online: “A woman was stopped in Zion Gardens, Brighton at 2.50pm after being seen driving and was suspected to be a disqualified driver.
“The disqualification case remains under investigation.”
After she was pulled over, Katie drove off and was in “great spirits” according to Joe.
He added: “Her mate was taking pictures the whole time and Katie wasn’t asked to get out of the car.


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