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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Kanye West Confirms his Relationship With Candace is Still Very Fine After Talks About Feeling Used by Politicians

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Kanye West distancing himself from politics hasn't affected his relationship with Candace Owens, nor has it affected her "Blexit" numbers ... at least, so says Candace Owens.

The conservative provocateur tells TMZ ... her apology to Kanye was sincere, and she completely respects his decision to back away from politics. She also says she and Ye are still cool even after he said she used him, denying he designed her "Blexit" clothing line. Kanye certainly didn't sound like he was cool. 
Candace called the "rumor" that Kanye was behind the "Blexit" design a blatant lie, adding that she was sorry for the bad fallout. Fact is ... Candace had said Kanye created the logo and coloring for "Blexit."

Either way, she says Kanye drawing a line in the sand between himself and "Blexit" has not put a damper on the movement, which encourages black people to bail from the Democratic Party. In fact, Candace says it's quite the opposite ... it's stronger than ever.
She insists orders for "Blexit" gear have been pouring in since it launched, and that not one person has requested a refund in the wake of Kanye calling her out. Candace also says thousands of emails are coming in that are supportive of the cause.
As she puts it ... celebrity endorsements don't make or break a movement. 


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