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Friday, 9 November 2018

If you Suffer From Bad Breath, Here's how to Stop it for Good

Truth be told,there's always that one friend of ours whose breath resembles a garbage dump on a scorching summer's day. 

As much as you may love them as a person, you can't stand to engage in conversation with them, or even sit within a 25-mile radius. 

Now, you probably feel like the biggest douche for even thinking about it, and you may even gossip about them to your other friends, but what other choice do you have? 
That smell is absolutely fatal - you've got to offload somehow.
On a whole, a considerable 25 percent of people suffer from an oral bacterial condition that causes chronic bad breath. 
The worst part is theight not even be aware of it!
And to make matters even worse - no amount of brushing, gum, or mouthwash can cure it. This condition calls for a much more extreme method of eradication.
They're called 'tonsil stones' - and are the hardened accumulation of sulphur-producing bacteria and debris that you’ve got swimming around your mouth.
It's these little stones that are causing bad breath for one-fourth of the world's population. As nasty as they sound, they're pretty easy to remove and very easy to prevent.
Tonsil stones are a little tricky to detect, as they become lodged behind the tonsils (I would recommend asking a friend or a doctor to help you). But with a little push with a cotton bud, they can be manually removed with no complications.
Then (if you're up to it), if you crush the stone between your fingers, you'll instantly be able to smell just how disgusting they smell.
A more extreme way of removing these strange tonsil stones would be to have your tonsils removed. While this would prevent the stones from forming, it still doesn't make you invincible to bacteria that causes bad breath. You just wouldn't have the stones.
Naturally, the best cure is prevention - brush your teeth, use that floss and visit a dentist twice a year. If you're already thinking "well heck, I've already got bad breath! What do I do now?" Don't fear...
You're just going to cut out some food that invite the tonsils, dairy products, alcohol, pastries, gluten and spicy food.
Well not entirely or forever, just for a few days, or weeks, or even a whole month, and then when you re-introduce them, be very low on the quantity.


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