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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Harry Redknapp is the Earliest Target to Face Bushtucker Trials on I'm a Celeb Show

I'm A Celebrity's beastly Bushtucker trials have yet to begin, but confirmed contestant Harry Redknapp already looks pretty terrified.

71-year-old Harry became the first star to set off Down Under ahead of the series premiere next Sunday but already marked himself out as an easy target for viewers with his awkward entrance at Heathrow Aiport.
According to a body language expert Judi James, the football manager is completely out of his comfort zone as he awaits his reality debut.
Judi predicts Harry's faked bravado will set him up to become a prime target for those viewers wanting to see celebs squirm during those notoriously tricky trials.
Here's what Judi had to say about his arrival: It's looking more like Hairy Redknapp than Harry Redknapp here here as the football manager sets of for his jungle stint looking as though the wobblies might have kicked in before he'd even left Heathrow. 
Harry's body language forms what looks like a shade chart of anxious-looking behaviours, from an incongruent-looking thumbs-up signal of what looks like mock bravado to a mock fight ritual via a complete facial cut-off gesture with his hand covering his entire face.
His eyes are either down or gazing off into the distance. He tries for a weak smile but it's looking like a mirthless grin and when he covers his face with his hand he also shows his wedding ring aloft, suggesting he might already be missing the support of his wife Sandra.


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